SafeStart 1 Day Overview - Manchester UK

1-Day SafeStart Discovery Workshop

Every workplace has at least one chronic safety pain—some recurring issue that leaves the safety manager frustrated and employees in harm’s way.

Most of these safety pains can be found in every industry and in every type of workplace—even where exceptional compliance measures are in place. In fact, after speaking to thousands of people in the safety industry, we’ve found that there are six common safety pain points. Almost 95% of workplaces experience at least one of the following:

  • recurring injuries (e.g., sprains and strains, slips/trips and back injuries)
  • lack of employee engagement
  • stalled TRI rate
  • lackluster safety culture
  • employees taking shortcuts and ignoring rules
  • clash between production and safety

Fortunately, there are common solutions to these common problems.

Workshop Details

This workshop will connect the dots between what’s causing your safety pain and the practical steps you can take to minimize or even eliminate these pressing safety issues.

First, you’ll discover the contributing elements to the big six safety problems. Then you’ll learn the concepts, techniques and learning design used in SafeStart to improve how employees and frontline supervisors discuss and navigate hazards on a daily basis.

(Hint: It’s not about rules, procedures, or engineering—it’s a proven approach to improving personal safety skills so people can avoid incidents before they occur and become self-compliant with rules and procedures through awareness and better decisions.)

Then, in self-discovery, instructor-led and group exercises, you will learn about real versus perceived risk, including the critical errors and critical decisions that lead to most incidents and injuries. More importantly, you will learn four error reduction techniques to lower risk and increase awareness.

These workshops will change your understanding of major safety problems. Register for a workshop near you and get an immediate pay-off with this entertaining and educational one-day session.

Note: Spaces are limited and seats fill up fast. 

Reasons for Attending

  • Discover how to address the big six safety pains.
  • Understand the balance between safe conditions and safe behaviors.
  • Learn about risk, behaviours and the consistent patterns and root causes of most injuries.
  • Discover why adults aren’t always eager to participate in safety training and what you can do to capture their interest.
  • Learn why a 24/7 approach is necessary to achieve optimal safety performance.
  • Recognize the limitations of traditional risk assessments
  • Find out how SafeStart improves culture, communication, quality, efficiency and your bottom line.
  • Learn how to get leadership buy-in and leverage steering committees and sustainability programs to ensure long-term success.
  • Understand why safety initiatives fail—and how to keep that from happening at your organisation.
  • Identify where you are in the five stages of safety culture.